Posted by: Carlos | March 22, 2010

Self Catering Breaks in Wales

For all tourists Wales offers a uniquely and surprisingly diverse destination, which features a wonderful blend of towns, cities and landscapes ranging from striking mountain valleys and huge areas of untouched countryside to well-loved coastal locations comprising quaint fishing villages and lively contemporary cities.

Wales is littered with historic attractions,  quality Wales hotels and things to do for holidaymakers who opt to spend their time off in Wales. There are many famous abbeys and monasteries, historic churches, large medieval castles, noteworthy Roman historical sites and a multitude of captivating museums and galleries.

Wales is a country that is effectively split into regions by its mountain ranges which divides the country into three different regions. Each of these three regions has its own identity both in terms of culture and economy. The regions are North Wales, Mid Wales and South Wales.

North Wales is made up of a wonderful coastline and various picturesque and vibrant towns many of which are well known as holiday destinations. Some examples are Llandudno, Rhyl, Bangor and the island of Anglesey all of which offer the holidaymaker something different but all magnificent in their own way. From any of these destinations you are able to take a short trip to the Snowdonia National Park to enjoy some breathtaking scenery and views that you will struggle to beat anywhere in the world.

Mid Wales consists of mainly mountainous and sparsely populated areas but drifts down to a wonderful coastline with magnificent sand dunes and wide open beaches. It is home to the coastal town of Aberystwyth which is a cultural centre in Wales where the University of Wales is situated.  This wealth of students means the town is diverse and thriving which provides a great experience for any visitor.

South Wales is the most densely populated area of Wales and is where the major, well known, cities are located. Cities such as Cardiff, Swansea and Newport are all found here. To support its large population there are many amenities, a wide range of shops, bars and restaurants and a wide variety of things to do and see. The heritage in this area is all around you with mining playing a large part in the history of the area. Just a short trip away is the Pembrokeshire coast which is well known for its wildlife and scenery.

With the pound weak against both the dollar and the euro many are looking for an alternative closer to home than the package holidays they have previously enjoyed. For a cheaper more relaxing break for you and your family a vacation, self catering holiday in Wales may be the answer. You can choose the location or even travel around taking in the best from each region. Whatever you decide, what you will find, without doubt, is a warm welcome and a fantastic experience that you will remember forever. Why not visit today and start planning your trip; from your accommodation to things to do, it is all in one place so you can conveniently find a holiday that will suit all of your requirements.


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