Posted by: Carlos | May 27, 2010

Why the Volcanic ash cloud means you should go to Wales

Every year millions of Brits fly abroad for their holidays and apart from the occasional strike and some minor delays most flights get people where they want to go pretty much on time.

Recently this has not been the case; Eyjafjallajokull, a large volcano in Iceland erupted, spewing millions of tons of volcanic dust into the air.

This created air that planes could not fly through without some risk to passengers’ safety. Flights have been cancelled and thousands of people have been left at UK airports unable to reach their dream destinations and thousands more left in foreign countries stuck there unable to return home.

When Eyjafjallajokull erupted, the cloud of ash  drifted across the UK’s airspace closing all airports for over a week. Just as we thought we were clear again the airports were closed as the ash cloud came back to haunt us. I guess no one really knows if the volcano will erupt again and cause more mayhem. According to geologists it could happen, and there is another volcano next to Eyjafjallajokull called Katla which could also do the same thing.

If we look back in history to when the volcano last erupted, which was in 1821, the magma it produced flowed constantly for two years so the probability is that we will get more disruption in the not too-distant future.

So if you are contemplating taking a holiday this year, why run the risk of delays or cancellations when there are such fantastic holiday destinations on your doorstep. That akin to the fact that you know you can get there, and back, on time and hassle free then surely that is a winner. So where to choose to avoid the volcanic ash; well my choice and my advice would be Wales. There is so much to see and do.

Wales is one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the World, if you go to Spain each year what could you get there that Wales cannot give you? You go to Spain for the beaches, food, drink, scenery, history and the weather. If you opt for Wales instead you will find some truly great beaches, some amazing food and drink throughout the country, some of the most beautiful vistas in the whole world and the history is unequalled with over 400 welsh castles and forts throughout. OK, if you’re picky, the weather is unlikely to be as good but all in all Wales has as much to offer and in many opinions much more. If you choose to stay in the UK this year and visit Wales then you can miss any flying problems there might be, whether this be volcano-related or not, and can enjoy a fun-packed or romantic getaway.

So my recommendation is to stay nearer to home this year and check out what Wales has to offer. Book a stunning self-catering cottage in Wales, a Wales Hotel or stay at a charming Wales Bed & Breakfast; the choice is vast. To peruse some of the best choices available visit to locate welsh accommodation perfect for your stay.


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