Posted by: Carlos | July 16, 2010

Booking enquiries up 100% for first half 2010

The good news continues to pour forth from Tourism Wales UK this year with members’ commission-free booking enquiries to the end of June up 100% on last year at an estimated value just under £450,000.

If the first few weeks of July are anything to go by, the second half is expected to perform equally well if not better.

This is a strong message to Tourism Wales UK members still hesitant over renewing this year owing to cost-cutting and the recession. But as ever, the last thing tourism businesses should be cutting is their marketing budget.

The news also suggests that the drop in the number of Brits going abroad – down last year by 10.4m trips (18%), a trend expected to continue through 2010 – is having an upward effect on holidaymaking in Wales.

To take full advantage of this upsurge, members are urged to keep their information up to date in their My Account pages and ensure their email address is correct for booking enquiries to reach them.

For more information contact the Tourism Wales UK team at and visit

Source: Tourism Wales UK



  1. How do you value booking enquiries? We cant eat with enquiries we need bookings.This year will be the worst year for 13 yeasrs.
    Enquiries & hits are of no use its bookings that count.

    • Hi Ian, we value booking enquiries according to the average value of domestic trips made by UK visitors in 2009 and the percentage spent on accommodation according to UKTS after extracting VFRs. We then make a separate calculation based on the number of people and bednights each enquiry represents.

      These enquiries are commission-free and go direct to our members so we can’t vouch for conversions; that’s not for us to do. But we can vouch for the fact that they are bona-fide enquiries from searchers wanting to holiday in Wales and that at the numbers are up 100% on the same period last year.

      What’s more, the number of enquiries received to date in July by our members is almost double the average for the previous six months, which suggests holidaymakers are leaving it even later to book.

      Yes, I agree with you that hits are of little use; it’s visits and unique visitors we should be more interested in but websites that are producing booking enquiries with no commission payable, that’s something else. 🙂

      You say this year will be the worst year for 13 years. Do you mean for Wales as a whole or for Meadowside Holiday Bungalows?

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