Posted by: Carlos | July 16, 2010

Follow Tourism Wales UK on Twitter

Tourism business following Tourism Wales UK on Twitter get valuable snippets of up to date information they’re unlikely to get from established sources.

It’s not that Tourism Wales UK is anti-establishment so much as the establishment runs so far behind events that small tourism businesses get so much less than they deserve.

It wasn’t a problem in the good old days of traditional marketing where producing a brochure once a year saw bookings flow in well ahead of the season. But apart from being expensive, that kind of faith is no longer rewarded.

With booking lead times getting shorter and shorter and tourism businesses owners desparing they might never come at all, it’s time for the tourism industry in Wales to get real.

If you have a Twitter account, log in and click the ‘Find People’ link at the top right of your home page. Once there, type in walesinfo then click on the Search button. This will bring up the logo. Simply click on the logo to follow walesinfo.

If you don’t have a Twitter account go to and click on the big yellow ‘Let me in’ button before filling in your details and following the instructions. Once you’re online, follow the information above to follow walesinfo, get valuable updates and make your own tweets.

For more information contact the Tourism Wales UK team at and visit

Source: Tourism Wales UK


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