Posted by: Carlos | August 19, 2010 dramatically increases visitor numbers to hotel websites

Like most hotel and accommodation owners you are probably looking closer at your internet sales and how much it is costing you when you are taking bookings from 3rd party websites. Meanwhile, with the rise of the internet, traditional media has slumped and is expensive by comparison and whether it will ever come back is uncertain. So it is only right that business owners should revalue their internet presence.

Forbes says that senior marketing executives agree that the top 3 internet marketing tools are SEO, E-mails and Pay-Per-Click. So you can buy into this and do the same on your website but how? Well here is a list of ways to help get your website ranked better.

1. Produce press releases

Press releases can attract both traffic and links, any newsworthy items you have be they about your hotel or the area where you are situated can be spread across the web. This not only creates interest in your accommodation but creates backlinks to your website.

2. Get new and interesting topic content on your site and even a blog

Google can tell what your site is about by the content you post there. The more on topic content you have the better Google likes it. If this content is extra content you can make new pages or even a blog to post ongoing information and chatty things going on in and around your hotel.

3. Set up a well organised Pay-Per-Click campaign

Pay-per-click is a quick way of appearing on Google’s front page. You do have to watch what you spend as it can easily eat up your budget if you are not careful. But as you go on you will get better and better at optimising your campaigns and benefit from the traffic to your website. Stay clear of big keywords like hotel as there will be lots of the big websites already targeting those words. Try and make your campaign local to you just targeting your local area.

4. Measure Success Metrics

Use analytics tools to maintain a good overview of your site: how it is performing and what traffic and sales you are getting from it. Analysing your visitors can help you improve your marketing activities over the months and years.

5. Use E-mails and Newsletters

Use the emails of guests that have stayed at your hotel to keep them informed on a regular basis of any offers or new you may have. Past visitors who enjoyed their stay are likely to come back time and time again.

This sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it and for a busy hotel owner probably too much. So what’s the answer? Well you could hire a company to do it for you but that’s expensive. So the best idea would be to advertise on a website that targets traffic for your area, doesn’t take a cut of your bookings and does its own online marketing so it ranks well on your behalf.

Too good to be true? Maybe but does just that and for a very small annual fee it provides all of the above. It attracts visitors to Wales, shows them the hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and self-catering accommodation in any area of Wales with surrounding attractions and beauty spots, passes you bookings at your full rate and ranks well in Google for all sorts of terms. So if you have a Wales hotel or accommodation in Wales then check out the site and get listed straight away.


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