Posted by: Carlos | August 31, 2010

Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Invitation

‘Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin must invite Tiger Woods onto the U.S. team. We all know it. That’s a given’, says CBS Sports National Columnist, Gregg Doyel – before urging Woods, in as forceful a way you could imagine with some pretty choice language to drive his point home, to decline the invitation.

“Why does Woods have to accept?” That’s what Gregg wants to know; calling for an exploration not just by him but by you, me and by other media sites.

“We need some noise here”, he says, “whether it’s online or on talk radio or anywhere else that voices are heard. As fans of the U.S. Ryder Cup team in particular, or golf in general, we need to turn up the volume to make the following request feel more like an order: Just say no, Tiger. Just. Say. No.”

OK. We can accept Tiger’s not playing too well at present but is this order really called for? I don’t think so. Nor, I don’t think, would the thousands of golf players and Tiger Woods fans in Wales who have been completely left out of Doyel’s argument.

His sense of place is a bit missing too:

“The event is being held in Wales”, he says “and you know how English tabloids are. They’re ridiculous. They’re obscene. They have no couth or shame, and they will come up with something — real or invented — that will detract from the Ryder Cup and distract Woods and the rest of the American team.”

That may be so but what’s that got to do with Wales? Why should the host country be blackened (sic) by the red tops of a neigbour? Why should we be denied the pleasure of welcoming the world’s greatest golfer to our shores and to the Welsh not the English Ryder Cup? I’m sure our Press will be magnanimous in its praise for all the U.S Ryder Cup team however well or badly they may play.

Tell Gregg your opinion! And do keep it polite. We have a reputation to live up to here in Wales and one we need to make in the U.S., if Gregg Doyel’s vehement outpourings are anything to go by.

Terry Jackson
Tourism Wales UK


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