Posted by: Carlos | October 4, 2010

Wales Best Bed and Breakfasts

Many people look to visit a country for its history, culture and scenery. One country that has all of this and much more is Wales; this might just be the destination you’re looking for.

Situated on the border of England, Wales is a very popular with tourists looking to get away from it all. If you’re looking to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life then there is no better place. If you want to keep a little bit of cosmopolitan splendour in your holiday then Wales has that too with Cardiff being a splendid, cultural city with many top restaurants and bars.

When choosing somewhere to stay in Wales there are plenty of options, one being a Wales bed & breakfast which can offer comfort and value for money. Many of these Welsh bed & breakfast establishments are situated in the rural areas of Wales and as such you can take advantage of the bed & breakfast as a base for exploring the countryside.

The type of Wales bed & breakfasts available differ wildly from large historical houses that have been opened to provide accommodation for the tourist market and small family run houses, to inns and pubs offering accommodation. They can be suited to individuals or couples travelling around Wales but not all will be able to cater for large families as they tend to be smaller than hotels and not many will offer family rooms, though these can be found occasionally.

Some will give you the option of an evening meal if required but you will have to give them advance notice. Also some of the B&Bs may offer packages for special occasions like romantic getaways where you will have extras like chocolates and champagne.

There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in Wales be it historical, countryside, sporting activities, nature or city visits. Decide what you want to get out of your holiday and then visit one of the many websites that specialise in Wales bed & breakfasts and choose an idyllic location with a bed & breakfast that suits your needs. Whatever you are looking for you will find it in Wales.

Wales is easy to get to, has stunning scenery and so much more, so find some time to get away and enjoy Wales and the bed & breakfast accommodation it offers.


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