Posted by: Carlos | October 4, 2010

Wales tourism goes mobile!

For years, tourists have flocked to holidays in Wales for the chance to escape life’s pressures, to explore a country famed for its natural beauty and genuine hospitality. Yet, within the limited time of a short break holiday in Wales, it’s all too easy to miss out on some of the country’s hidden gems, or getting lost along its many winding roads and backwaters.

But things are changing. This timeless land is getting a new roadmap for the second Millennium.

Innovations in mobile navigation are now making it easier than ever for holidaymakers to plan where to go, where to stay and what to see during their holiday in Wales. Combining location-based internet mapping with online directories of accommodation, local sights and visitor attractions, the technology enables holidaymakers to plan their itineraries before arrival in Wales, save the information to their mobile phones with a single click, then find their way round while they’re on holiday, picking up information on their mobile phones as they go about special events and money-saving offers they might otherwise miss.

Take places to stay in Wales, for instance. Whether holidaymakers are looking for a holiday cottage in South Wales or a B&B in North Wales, they can quickly and easily find their ideal Wales accommodation on a real-time map of local areas. They can then explore the map with pinpoint accuracy, highlighting nearby attractions and saving these to their mobile phones for later reference when they’re at their destination.

This mobile navigation service is the product of a new partnership between Tourism Wales UK and award-winning mobile phone software supplier, Cauwill Technologies.

According to Terry Jackson, of Tourism Wales UK, the service is the next major step in the Wales holiday experience: “The fusion of internet mapping and mobile phone technology will help visitors to Wales discover things that would otherwise pass them by, and take advantage of money-saving offers they might otherwise miss.”

Location-based services have come into their own in the past 12 months. From the popular social network, Foursquare, to Google Latitude, location-based applications have made their mark on the way people access information and find each other while on the move.

Cauwill Technologies’ CEO, Ian Rice, sums up how in conjunction with Tourism Wales UK the new service will put this technology firmly in the hands of Wales holiday-goers, “…allowing visitors to Wales to easily navigate to their accommodation and local attractions with just one click on their mobile phone.”

With smartphones and most other mobiles shipping with GPS navigation as standard now, the potential for Wales accommodation providers to better understand and build relationships with potential visitors and guests is substantial. Even for holiday-goers with more basic mobile phones, Tourism Wales UK’s web browser service provides the same level of accuracy and detail on a PC or laptop, before or during a holiday in Wales.

So now, with the advent of the mobile navigation service, visitors to Wales can forget about getting lost, or worrying about where to find the right accommodation for a warm Welsh welcome – and instead find their own way to discovering a real Wales adventure.


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