Posted by: Carlos | January 21, 2011

Unleash the power of Google Places and TripAdvisor

Don’t spend a penny more on marketing until you read this.

Love them or hate them, Google and TripAdvisor have changed the face of tourism marketing forever through the all-out launch of Google Places and the TripAdvisor Owners’ Centre.

The implications for independent tourism business adopting these new, direct-marketing channels are huge with operating cost savings up to 25% for serviced accommodation and 35% for self-caterers depending how quickly the new opportunities are siezed.

There’s no looking back. Organisations in the middle – booking agencies, tourist information centres, regional tourism companies, regional tourism partnerships, tourist boards – all in denial, will be squeezed out of the market with operating costs wiped out and passing to front line businesses as increased profit.

It’s not in the interest of these anachronisms to precipitate their own demise by telling you this. They will seek instead to buy time and reinvent themselves but it will be too little, too late; the cost savings are available now.

Deals already negotiated for Wales this year with TripAdvisor, eviivo frontdesk®, Holiday Lettings and Just Booking are just the start of a wide range of digital products and services flowing into the market to supplement Google Places in favour of small hotels, B&Bs, and self-catering property owners.

Change is never comfortable but the results will be rewarding to businesses owners in Wales able to grasp these new opportunities.

Sign up today and have powerful players like Google Places and TripAdvisor make the difference for your business.


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