Posted by: Carlos | December 5, 2012

Tourism Wales UK Booking Enquiries; New Record Set

Tourism Wales UK members have shared a new record £2.6m booking enquiries by email since and Staying in Wales joined forces; plus many other enquiries impossible to value because they go direct to members by phone.

This month 27,000 individuals and families will be introduced to the new Wales Facebook Page. Members who ‘Like’ the page can post offers as often as they like to reach an infinite number of holidaymakers.

The engine that drives the Wales UK Tourism and Social Media Platform is operated by members through their My Account pages, including their new Facebook entries. Like any engine, regular servicing guarantees good performance and members should use their login details to fine tune their pages as often as they can.

Next year Tourism Wales UK celebrates its 25th succesful year without a break, providing advertising, marketing innovation and membership services to tourism businesses in Wales since 1988. The comprehensive list of Membership Benefits are testimony to a strategy that’s taken the long view and proved itself time and again.

Members that haven’t already done so should make sure their subscription is fully paid up for next year to benefit from the email burst before Christmas to the 27,000 recipients mentioned above, and to ‘Like’ the new Wales Facebook Page well before the campaign begins.

Help and advice on any aspect of Wales tourism is given freely by Tourism Wales UK at with callbacks at members’ convenience when requested.


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